Paisley Burgundy Men’s Tie by DQT

The paisley tie speaks of creativity and cheerfulness of the wearer. The often warm colours used for this pattern summons attention. They are best worn during parties, cocktails, informal dinners, and over a solid-coloured dress shirt. Patterned or striped garments not only subdue the tie’s classic colours but the design mismatch also often leads to a fashion disaster. Use the background colour of the paisley to discover the appropriate suit and shirt colour. Paisley ties should complement your clothes, not clash with them. Paisley ties have made a comeback in the recent years. The design first enjoyed the limelight during the early sixties; it was the tie of choice by John Lennon and the cultural movers of that period. Soon after, it found an association with the hippies and the summer of love movement.

The paisley design is one of the menswear’s most elegant, intricate and enduring designs, one which speaks to the history of British tailoring and as well as the history of garment weaving too. The beauty of Paisley lies in its complexity; to get the best out of it, give it some space to breathe. Try to layer a wool paisley tie over a chambray shirt for a luxurious, textured look, or maybe add one of our madder paisleys over a classic striped shirt for a clever combination. It may look contradictory, but paisley patterns with fewer colours and lots of white space will look bolder than the ones with more fill-in. If you don’t wish to look like a gangster on holiday, look for garments with thin lines and few white space. From a distance, it will virtually look solid.

A simple rule for matching your dress shirt and your paisley tie is to keep the patterns on your shirt minimum, and constantly have a bigger pattern on your tie rather than on your dress shirt. Try to match a background colour on your tie to your dress shirt also. For example, a paisley tie with a red background, green outlines, and yellow paisleys for the design would go perfectly with a green dress shirt. Also, note that a plain white dress shirt goes with anything, and it’s always a safe bet. Nonetheless, a coloured dress shirt can look absolutely astounding when done properly. Just make sure to match the shirt to a low-key colour in the tie so as to not look overmatched.
You may ask, what would be the proper colours to wear to celebrate these seasons fully? Darker shades, for example, myrtle, burgundy, and cerulean are best for fall and winter. The palette as well speaks highly of the wearer when he is meeting with potential clients or probable bosses. Meanwhile, brighter shades such as yellow, orange and azure are the colours of spring and summer. The pattern still impresses tradition, accentuated now with a casualness that comes with the season.

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Reasons Why a Summer Wedding is Always a Splendid Idea by DQT

Summer weddings are splendid magnificent as they allow the bride and groom to have as much fun as they can possibly have. It allows us the perfect weather conditions to make our wedding fun, enjoyable and exciting.

Here are all the right reasons to host one’s wedding in summer:

Bright & Colourful

Summer weddings are always bright and colourful as you get to enjoy the shades of nature at their vividly vibrant best. You can enjoy a lovely garden-themed reception and rejoice all the beauties of nature in terms of floral decoration, fruity centre-pieces, and a delicious assortment of smoothie-based cocktails and of course, plenty of fresh salads to create a scrumptious summertime meal for your guests.

Garden Fiesta

If you’ve always wanted a floral themed garden party-style wedding, it simply has to take place in summer else you’ll find your guests struggling to dance through a snowstorm. Besides, summer weddings are all about endless dancing sessions, karaoke beats and of course, garden games that will excite your guest and save your BIG DAY from turning into yet another boring event.

Passion Floral Men’s Waistcoat by DQT

Flaunt Florals

Summer weddings are all about flaunting heavily embellished floral statements that will ensure the most romantic and classiest of wedding pictures. The bride can experiment around with exquisitely embroidered floral ivory gowns, or perhaps, colourful couture maxis with floor-grazing trails and majestic floral prints.
The men must allow their profiles the gentlemanly charm of floral statements, and we at DQT have an excitingly dashing assortment of floral embossed waist-coats, tuxedos, pant-suits and lots more. Come, take a peek!

Pastel Arrangements

Winter weddings demand dark hued décor and rich flowers to drive away the paleness created by the snow. But summer is the perfect time to throw a splendid pastel-themed wedding, with a pastel pink or blue dress code, and of course, lots of pastel ribbons, flowers, centre pieces and lots more.

Bohemian Fests

If you’re a truly carefree and nature-loving bohemian at heart, summer is the ideal time for you to host your BIG DAY. You can throw a festival-themed reception, or perhaps, a sandy beach wedding with plenty of barefoot-on-the-beach.

Women can experiment around with a wide range of bohemian wedding gowns, such as ivory organza to off-the-shoulder corset gowns and plain floor-grazing trains with fringed hemlines.

The groom can always amplify his bohemian charm with a dashing paisley patterned waist coat and cravat, which he can pair up with a dark-hued blazer or suit jacket. We have a splendid collection of paisley patterned outfits that will add up to your debonair with a fabulous aplomb.

Check more floral collections here.

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10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day by DQT

Cravat Pin with Pearl by DQT

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and we’ve rounded up the perfect ideas to help you pick out a splendid gift for your dad.
Here, take a look:
1.  Swirl Cravats

Swirl cravats look immensely charming, and they are trending super-hot on the fashion radar. If you intend to gift your father a trendy staple that he will most likely use a lot, it simply doesn’t get better than this one. The best part is, swirl cravats are gloriously on-point for summer, and your father will definitely be humbled on this wonderful addition to his tie collection.
2.  Black Waistcoat

Men come across countless occasions that demand them to prim up their personality in a sleekly sharp waistcoat, and our Greek key black waistcoat is truly a class apart with its trendy cuts and classic suave.
3.  Bow Ties

Stripes are all the rage this summer, and all men must flaunt stripped accessories in great abundance. Bow ties are super-functional, and our silver diamond striped bow tie is a magnificent pick if you want your father to stand out in the crowd at a black tie event.
4.  Wedding Florals

Our floral white wedding waistcoat and bow tie set is the perfect Father’s Day gift if you’re expected to attend a summer wedding this year. Your father will adore the intricate floral patterns, which will make him feel youthful without compromising his charm.
5.  Handkerchiefs

A handkerchief is a man’s utmost important accessory, and our old school fathers understand this gentlemanly requirement better than all others. We implore you to present him with our Greek purple handkerchief, as it will work wonders at giving his attire a refreshing burst of colour!
6.  Top Hats

Hats look utterly charming for they channel the suave of man’s personality with a massive dose of debonair. The best part is, they are a super-functional trick if you wish to beat the heat in the summers. We are absolutely confident that your dad will adore our black wool felt top hat.
7.  Royal Charm

Our royal blue waistcoat and cravat set is a charming delight with a bold debonair that sets a man apart in the crowd by brimming up his attire with a class that is hard to achieve.
8.  Floral Silver

Our Passion silver scrunchie cravat is a very exclusive and unique accessory, and a splendid pick if your father seeks individuality in his attire.
9.  Tie Clips

A man can never own enough tie clips, but with our emerald green tie clip, your father can brim all his black tie and formal statements with charm and debonair.
10. Burgundy Alert!

Our paisley patterned burgundy bow tie and handkerchief set make a splendid Father’s Day gift if you want to inspire your dad to experiment with bold colours and youthful patterns.

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Wedding Day Fashion for Men by DQT

When it comes to the special day, the bride is always the centre of attention, but the men involved must look great too! A man has a lot to worry about as he receives the wedding invitation. Between the tuxedos, toasts, relatives, and strange guests, everything may become too much to handle. Plus the media excitement that surrounds the grand occasion, and you realize that wedding season is a lot more inescapable this time of the year.

Then, why not begin with overcoming the first challenge – your outfit. Choosing the perfect tux or suit is half the battle when considering showing up at a wedding. Here are some tips to make putting together the proper clothing as easy as captivating charmed bridesmaids.

Suiting Up

The suit is the centerpiece of men’s wedding fashion. Generally speaking, if you are involved in the event, you will wear a tuxedo. If you are pretty much a guest, however, you will be okay in a suit.  The colour and style of the suit you put on are determined by the kind of attire stated in the invitation.

White-Tie/Full Evening Dress

By tradition, this is a suit with tails, an overcoat, a top hat, a cane, and, apparently, a white tie. It is something Fred Astaire is known for, and even while it is relatively rare for weddings, this particular outfit will occasionally be required.

pexels-photoBlack-Tie Only

This is a formal wedding event, and you will require a simple suit – even if you are simply a guest. Opt for a black-coloured jacket with grosgrain lapels or satin, trousers (often with a silky stripe down the part), along with a cummerbund and a bow tie.

Black-Tie Preferred

For those who are in the wedding party, be ready to wear a white dinner jacket (in summer/spring) or perhaps a tux. If you are a guest, a black suit is okay. This stylish fashion often shows up on invites for daytime weddings. As party people can be being seen wearing English day suits, you will look sharp donning a tweed, cotton or linen suit in a classic dark colour or an earthy colour.

Struggling to get inspiration for your wedding wear? DQT Ltd. offers a wide selection of fashionable men’s wedding wear and accessories in the UK. Browse the largest collection of men’s wedding accessories for your wedding ties, cravats, cufflinks, wedding waistcoats and more.

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Ready to Tie a Knot? Here’s What to Wear for a Perfect Wedding


Passion Men’s Lilac Tie by dQT

Wedding ties add an important touch to the groom’s outfit and can complement the couple’s overall look. No matter if you’re preparing for a themed or a more traditional wedding – the tie adds the finishing touches to the groom’s wedding attire.

The good news is that ties don’t have to be stiff and boring. Experiment with colours and materials, and discover what works the best for you. Wedding tie colours are usually softer and have more to offer than the traditional black and white versions seen in the corporate world. Popular choices include lilac, silver, white, gold, blue or purple as they evoke the emotions and stimuli that reminds people of regality and romance.

There are a wide variety of tie materials available and many grooms prefer to choose silk or satin over polyester for a more luxurious touch. Whatever your choice, it’s best to buy a tie that you can envision wearing again at other special occasions asides from your own wedding.

Taking care of your wedding ties

After purchasing your perfect wedding tie, you’ll want to take the best care of it both before and after your big day. Well cared for wedding ties will look clean, well ironed and crisp. For best results and to avoid having a crumpled tie, prepare your tie by hanging it up for a few days to remove any creases and don’t forget to loosen any knots.

You may also want to consider what materials are used in your tie and what to do if a spillage happens, so cleaning your wedding tie becomes a relatively easy and painless process.

Cravats vs ties

If you don’t want to look at wedding ties, another option is a bow tie or a cravat. Bow ties often come pre-tied with matching cummerbunds that can be bought as a set. While cravats are another option to consider if you don’t like traditional ties. These can self-tied or pre-tied depending on your preferences.

Symbolically however, there is something within a wedding tie that completes the groom’s suit and when placed over a smart shirt, instantly gives an air of authority and or professionalism upon the suit bearer. A wedding outfit is no exception. Nothing says smart and handsome man of the world who is ready to commit, better than choosing to wear a wedding tie.

Check out our Wedding Ties Collection:

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Finding the Perfect DQT Tie for a Summer Wedding


Man wearing Plain Red Men’s Tie by DQT.

Summer is definitely the wedding season. However, with the choice of wedding ties numbering in the thousands, choosing the right tie to fit a summer wedding can be an unnecessary headache – so we’ve put together some helpful hints and advice to make sure you pick up the perfect wedding tie.

Be careful of the bridesmaids

It is always worth asking the bride and groom what their colour scheme is. For example, if the groomsmen and best man are to be wearing powder blue ties, you want another colour that is clearly different, but still complementary. You don’t want to turn up at the wedding looking like you are trying to match their outfits.

A subtle way to add a different take on the wedding colours is by picking out a polka dot tie, perhaps with white pattern on a similar colour background. This way, you’ll complement the groomsmen and the couple’s colour scheme while still adding your own style.

Country or city?

Another thing to bear in mind is the wedding venue. For formal settings, such as a stately home, a more formal tie and traditional colour will work best. If you are heading out into the countryside for the main event, think about pastel colours such as mint green or pale yellow which would fit with the summery, more casual feel of the day.

Pattern or no pattern?

With ties coming in a variety of patterns with everything from polka dots to paisley it can be easy to get overwhelmed by choice. For a summer wedding, bright colours can be the perfect addition to your wedding suit. Be bold and team your outfit with a pop of red and match your tie to a pocket square.

If you don’t want just a block of colour, think about mixing white or black polka dots to either lighten or darken the tone, or even add a similar colour paisley to create a subtle, stylish pattern to your wedding tie. If bright colours aren’t your thing, a pale grey suit would go well with pastel colours in yellow, blue or even a light pink.

View our wedding tie collection:

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Need some inspiration for Father’s Day?

With Father’s Day looming, you may be in need of some last-minute inspiration. Finding the right gift can be tricky when you’re buying for a man who already has everything, or is hard to please. If this sounds like your dad, it’s usually better to buy gifts of a practical nature – ones you know will get plenty of use, and be more appreciated. But, what should you choose?


Plain Black Men’s Tie and Plain Black Boy’s Tie by DQT

Socks are an obvious option, but they’re a little predictable, so when it comes to choosing practical items, inject some individuality and personality into the decision-making process.

If your father is outgoing and adventurous, polka dot ties or bow ties are a great choice. Available in a wide range of colours, they’re the perfect statement accessory to any outfit. Wool ties and knitted ties are also incredibly popular, so if your dad favours informal styling, these trendy alternatives are ideal for the office or a casual day out with friends and family.

If your dad prefers traditional styles of clothing, you’ll never fail with classic silk ties. Perfect for any occasion, silk ties come in a variety of colours and fabrics, such as knitted silk. If you can’t decide which tie to choose, silk is an elegant and desirable option that will always get the thumbs up.

For a crowd-pleasing tie that your dad can enjoy wearing all summer long, think along the lines of cooling cotton. DQT offers a huge selection of cotton ties, and to embrace the spirit of summer, pick a bold colour, such as turquoise blue, carnation pink or lime green.

Think about accessories for your dad, too. Cufflinks are always useful, and they’re a gift that is practical and elegant in equal proportions. Match a pair of cufflinks to your dad’s favourite wardrobe colour, or go for something a little more unique, such as striped or knot cufflinks. Don’t dismiss handkerchiefs, either. They might once have been sniffed at as a gift, but with so many styles and colours available, which dad wouldn’t be happy to receive a beautiful scroll silver handkerchief or a satin blue pocket square?

Check out the different tie collection here:

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DQT’s top 5 wedding colours for 2016


Wearing Black Plain Men’s Tie by DQT

As weddings continue to enjoy greater versatility, there are more options than ever before to make the day unique. The days of wearing neutral tones are long gone, and now even colour is notching up a gear at today’s weddings. Here are five must-wear wedding colours for 2016, according to male wedding wear specialist, DQT.

1. Lilac

For 2016, lilac is one of the most sought-after wedding colours for men. The light, soft tones make it an eye-pleasing choice that blends in instantly with other aspects of the wedding. Lilac also works well with a crisp, white shirt and pale trousers, and is an effortlessly stylish choice for a spring or summer wedding. A lilac waistcoat or tie is particularly sophisticated.

2. Baby blue

It’s not hard to see why baby blue is making an appearance at weddings this year. This soft, gentle and subtle tone is elegantly sophisticated, and enjoys great versatility. For wedding ties, baby blue is perfect for adding a hint of colour, while keeping formality in check. A baby blue satin waistcoat also enjoys enduring appeal.

3. Coral

For summer weddings, coral is proving a big hit this year. Its warm, vibrant tones will fit in with formal or informal affairs, and coral teams especially well with white or black suits. For a really stylish flavour, a Gingham check coral slim tie is ideal for weddings where you really want to show your fashionable side.

4. Mint green

Soft and cooling, mint green is big on the agenda at weddings this year, especially when it comes to choice of wedding ties. The mint green palette is incredibly versatile in tones, too; from the satin bow tie to the polka dot skinny tie, you have lots of options to play around with for a really stylish day.

5. Purple

For statement colours this year, purple is a must-wear choice of male wedding attire. Elegant and sophisticated, a purple wedding tie speaks volumes, but even purple cufflinks or a purple paisley handkerchief add vibrancy to your outfit, if you want to include small pops of on-trend colour.

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Pocket square: is it your bow tie’s best friend?


Paisley Gold Men’s Tie and Hanky by DQT

Don’t be scared of a bow tie. Long the preserve of weddings and history teachers, today’s modern quirky gentlemen’s fashion has brought back the men’s bow. And they look great!

The new look

Bow ties were originally entirely practical and were meant as a way to simply hold shirts together at the collar. But today the men’s bow itself is the main event. They are available in many different patterns and a whole range of colours, but getting the look right requires a bit of thought and some planning. The most important rule is to keep it simple (for example, don’t mix a patterned bow tie with a patterned shirt) and choose where you want the attention in your outfit.

Choose the right handkerchief

Getting the pocket square on point is a key element of rocking this look. Depending on who you ask it may or may not be okay to match your bow tie and handkerchief. If you think the coordinated look is for you, or you are attending a conservative event where mixing it up might not suit the mood, a bow tie set can look smart and formal. If you have a bit more freedom think about a pocket square in similar colours to the bow tie, though perhaps a few shades lighter or darker. The same rules apply as for shirts: if your pocket square is patterned think about a plain shirt and vice versa.

Choose your patterns

If you choose a show-stopping bow tie set with a pattern, like paisley or polka dot, think about matching its colours to complement your tie, shirt or suit. That doesn’t mean the same colour for all of them – that will simply be too much – instead, think about neighbouring or opposite colours on the scale. Perhaps blues to complement greens, or oranges to clash with purples. Also try and think about the collar of your shirt, as it will need to be in proportion with the bow tie you choose.

It’s great that the pocket square is again gracing the jackets of stylish men. It adds a real touch of class to any outfit and with so many quality bow tie sets on the market, you can buy a couple for an excellent value way to mix and match your looks.

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Keeping it classy when dressing the groomsmen


Swirl Burgundy Men’s Cravat by DQT

As the summer wedding season comes around, we’re thinking about the best ways to dress the gentlemen of the big day. Whether you are having a huge event or a quiet get-together, the options for menswear are much more inspired than they used to be. Here’s a basic guide to keeping the chaps classy.

Make space for men’s cravats

The most formal of weddings will go full-on and have the groom and his ushers wearing white tie or full evening dress, though this is decreasing in popularity. Morning dress and top hats ( are still popular, but for a modern touch think men’s cravats ( that match the wedding colours, neutral pocket squares and shoes so shiny you can see your face in them. Wearing a waistcoat ( is optional, but adds a nice touch. Pocket watches complete this look and create the picture-perfect English gentleman style.

Striking a balance

Semi-formal dress is an interesting balance to strike. When you see this on an invitation, what does it actually mean? Start with a dark suit (black, navy or charcoal) and team it with a crisp white shirt. Shoes don’t need to be as high-gloss as with the formal look but stick with something dressy nonetheless. Personal touches like paisley ties ( and pocket squares are welcome, but never upstage the wedding party.

Keep it cool

Spring and summer weddings, or those held overseas, all need a more relaxed look that it still stylish. Think cotton and linen as your fabrics and choose a suit that’s less structured. That means no shoulder pads or fancy lining. If you are feeling really chilled out about your outfit, mix and match the jacket and trousers. The jury’s out about wedding ties for this type of look, but if you want to wear one then make a statement – polka dot ties ( look great with a light jacket.

Whether you are keen on the James Bond look, or the beachside relaxed vibe, it’s the accessories that will be the deciding factor in a stylish man’s wedding outfit. Be careful not to go too over the top but carefully selected wedding ties, men’s cravats, pocket squares ( and quality shoes can make all the difference to a guy’s outfit.

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