10 Things To Do Now You’re Engaged

You’ve popped the question and now the time is here for planning, decisions and the need for more hours in the day! Here’s a mini check list of things that you need to definitely do to make sure that your wedding day runs as smoothly as it can.

1. Tell Your Family
This means face to face, if you can and over the phone if you can’t! Announcing your engagement to your family on Facebook is not the most polite thing to do. Your family deserves to be told in a more sociable way than social media! Would you speak to them the same way that you would someone you met once on a night out and gave a friend request to? Probably not.

2. Organise Your Budget
Sit down with both sets of parents and discuss how much, if any money, they’re putting towards your big day with you. This way, you’ll know how much you can allocate to each section of your day.

3. Get Insured!
Investigate your options for wedding insurance and definitely get your ring insured. Nothing will probably happen, but if it does, you’ll be pleased that you had insurance! It means that minimal tears will be shed if a disaster happens!

4. Engagement Photos
Firstly, decide if you need engagement photos, are you going to send them out as Save the Date cards or are you doing that separately? If you don’t need them, skip to step 5! If you do want them, book the photographer early, make sure that you start deciding what you’re going to wear and if you’re going to have a theme.

5. Choose a Date & Save the Date cards

Choosing a date for the big day is undoubtedly a really tricky thing to do, there are so many factors to consider so make sure that you give it some serious thought. Save the Date cards are also really important to organise, they’re a pre-requisite to the actual invitation and can be sent out months before they’re sorted.

6. Look at Venues
This step is obvious, decided what sort of thing you want to go for, look at the budget and see what you can afford.

7. Book the Venue
The next obvious thing is to book your venue well in advance! These places get booked up really quickly, they might even determine the date that you get married if you have your heart set on a particular location.

8. Get on Pinterest!

The perfect place for inspiration and storing ideas, sign up now! You won’t regret it.

9. Create the Guest List
Carefully select who you want to attend your wedding, remember that you essentially have to pay for these people to be there, so unless you really must have them there or they’re direct family, question whether they should be invited. It may sound ruthless but you don’t want a wedding full of random people you didn’t really want there.


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