DQT Cravats Makes You Feel Royalty

Celebrity cravat and morning suit idols should include guys like David Beckham. When he was seen at the Royal Wedding in 2012, he showed all normal blokes that you don’t have to look like you’re the one getting married in a morning coat and cravats. This means that your groomsmen can rock the morning coats too and you can all look uber dapper together. If you’re all going to wear them, which you should to create the best look, then perhaps consider a different colour or style waistcoat or cravat for yourself so that you stand out from the crowd and still look like it’s your day. For example, if you’re all wearing cream waistcoats with a metallic detailing, choose a brighter cravat for yourself and more neutral ones for your groomsmen.


Plain Men’s Marigold Scrunchie Cravat by DQT

Cravats are the perfect accompaniment to the traditional morning suit wedding attire and can really make you feel like Prince Charming or David Beckham, which ever one’s your style idol! They’re stylish, traditional and create a real sense of occasion, which is just what you want on your big day. Cravats, of course, can only be worn with the traditional morning suit and always need to be worn with a waistcoat. A cravat without a waistcoat is like a cyclist without a bike! It’s necessary for the whole look to work and be ultimately functional.

Top tips for cravats are to ideally get one that looks great with your skin tone. This will brighten and improve your complexion, thus creating better wedding photographs and an all round better appearance. For a colour to complement your skin tone, it should brighten rather than dull your skin and make you appear more radiant. Now, radiant isn’t normally the word you’d like to be described with as a man, but on your wedding day you want to look the best that you possibly can.

Another top tip is to make sure that you have someone on hand from either the rental company or a relative who’s a seasoned pro with cravats to help you tie and arrange them on the day. You don’t want to be faffing about with wonky cravats when you’ve got a wedding to get to!

Royalty Wedding Cravats by DQT available here: http://www.dqt.co.uk/wedding-cravats.html