DQT Paisley Roars Back into Fashion


Paisley Lilac Men’s Tie by DQT

If you need an inside tip for the upcoming season, you heard it here first: Paisley ties are going to be big.

Paisley has already made its comeback on the catwalks and has featured heavily in recent collections in bandana form for women. Men’s fashion is following the trend and soon that vintage Paisley tie will be the one you reach for when you set out to impress.

The basic Paisley design has been with us since the 18th Century, when the twisted teardrop pattern arrived from the Middle East and was adopted by our own fashion houses of the day. So the Scottish textile town of Paisley may have taken it as its own, but the design originates in Iran and the shape that has become synonymous with Scottish fabric actually represents a heavenly tree from biblical times.

Since its inception, Paisley has reinvented itself again and again. First, the complicated designs and opulence were adopted by the landed gentry, who preferred muted and natural colours like green and brown. Then, in the 1960s, it became a symbol of the ‘flower power’ movement. In the 1980s, it reared its head again in the form of sharp shirt and tie sets that were definitely ‘of the time’.


Paisley Royal Blue Skinny Tie by DQT

Now, though, Paisley is coming back in a big way. From loose fitting women’s shirts to bikinis and dresses, the colours of the 70s have come bouncing back. Other designers have adopted the traditional teardrop Paisley design with a much subtler finish and the likes of Kirsten Dunst have taken to the red carpet in these creations.

So Paisley is no longer the staid preserve of country folk and England’s traditional middle class; it’s a material for everyone and DQT’s range of trendy Paisley ties reflects this. Available in bright and bold colours, from turquoise to burnt orange, these stylish Paisley ties pay homage to the origins of Paisley while bringing it bang up to date.

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