DQT’s Wedding Ties versus Wedding Cravats

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life (perhaps even the most important). As such, you want to make sure that everything is perfect, including your outfit. Do you opt for a traditional, highly ornate wedding cravat or a more modern, elegant tie? Here at DQT, we like to think we know everything there is to know about neckwear, so let us help you run down the advantages and disadvantages of each option.


Men’s Swirl Burgundy Scrunchie Cravat by DQT

First of all, it’s important to understand that both choices are equally valid. However, they will appeal to and suit different people.

Cravats are certainly the more flamboyant option. Because they are not worn as often as ties in day-to-day life, they stand out more and heighten the sense of occasion that’s integral to most weddings. Meanwhile, their elaborate design tends to draw the eye to the wearer, making them the centre of attention. However, while you obviously want your wedding attire to draw the eye, it’s worth understanding that cravats suit those with big, confident personalities best. They make such a loud statement that they require a certain force of character to truly carry off.

From a physical perspective, it should also be noted that cravats can slightly overwhelm a slighter figure, making the attire appear disproportionate and, hence, a trifle foppish. While this isn’t necessarily a point against them (as we’ve discussed in a previous blog entry, there’s nothing wrong with a spot of dandyism), some gentlemen may prefer a more manly look. As such, one should be aware that a powerful physique is best for balancing the statement made by a cravat.


Men’s Plain Marigold Satin Tie by DQT

Ties, in contrast, offer a sharper, more modern option. Whereas cravats have an ostentatious, flowing style, ties are more refined and lean towards minimalism. A well-made tie subtly hints at the wearer’s impeccable fashion-sense. Not everyone will notice the kind of tie you’re wearing, but those who do will appreciate and respect your good taste and unerring sophistication.

As with cravats, the suitability of a tie is also affected by a wearer’s body-type. Ties tend to work best with a slimmer or smaller build; because the statement they make is relatively subtle, they can be incorporated into a more slightly-built gentleman’s ensemble without overwhelming him or the rest of his suit.

Whether wedding cravats or wedding ties suit you better is largely a question of what kind of person you are, your build and your own preferences. There is no universally-applicable rule for choosing between a tie and a cravat, but if you bear in mind the guidelines we’ve laid down here, you’re certain to find something to suit you.

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