Dress to Impress with DQT Clip on Tie


Plain Robin’s Egg Blue Men’s Clip on Tie by DQT

A clip on tie was once considered the staple attire for security guards or children in school uniform only. But this outdated notion has long passed its sell by date, and nowadays clip on ties are being worn by any man with an interest in fashion.

There are many benefits to wearing a clip on tie, and as more fashion-conscious males begin to recognise these plus points, so the popularity of the clip on tie is soaring. One of its greatest attributes is the ease of of wear – a real bonus for time-starved men in a hurry to get ready in the mornings. From high-powered CEOs, to junior managers, job interview candidates, wedding attendees or guys looking to dress snazzily for a night out, a clip on tie is finding a place in every man’s wardrobe.

It’s not just the ease of putting the tie on that makes clip on ties increasingly popular, but they’re comfortable to wear without irritating the neck. A clip on tie is also less of a choking hazard than a regular tie, making it ideal for wearing in certain professions. For men who have trouble using their hands to put a tie on, wearing a clip on tie offers a perfect and convenient solution.

When it comes to good looks, a clip on tie scores as impeccably as any other tie. In fact, you can guarantee a perfect knot with no mismatched lengths, every time. What’s more, clip on ties come in many colours and styles, from formal shades, like black and white, to vibrant tones, such as pink and orange. No matter what kind of fashion statement you want to make, there’s a DQT clip on tie available to make any man look on-trend.

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