That Extra Half an Inch Matters!

The length of ties is a common talking point and issue for some men as it is a popular view that ties are all made to be the same length but the majority of men are varying heights and have trouble with the length of their ties, whether they are too long or too short, you can end up looking less than professional. Ties should finish resting on the belt or with the tip extending just below the upper of the belt buckle. This can be a minefield for much shorter or taller men than the average. The narrow end of your tie will hang behind the wider end if it is not tucked in, hidden from view, and the wide end of the tie should definitely not be seen to be poking out below your jacket. This creates the right impression and a much smarter look than an oversized, almost cartoon like tie.

If your tie is slightly on the long side this can make you look slightly shorter than you are, maybe this is what you are going for if you are too tall for your liking. This also works vice versa, if your tie is slightly too short, this can make you look taller than you actually are. This is tricky business though, as too far in one way or the other can result in you looking silly.


Plain Men’s Apple Green Extra Long Tie by DQT

Extra length ties are a great quick fix for taller men who may sometimes find that their standard knots end up being too short for their bodies. With these longer length ties the tie will still reach the belt without being too long. For standard height men who want to try out more intricate knots such as The Grantchester Knot, which involves more folds and turns that standard tie knots, an extra length tie can be good for this to stop the tie appearing too short after all the extra folds have been completed.

For shorter men, standard length ties can be wrapped round once or twice more on standard knots such as the Four-in-hand or the Half Windsor to create a chunkier knot and a slightly shorter wide end. The Windsor knot is the thickest knot and is the easiest for making your tie shorter; these techniques make the tie a standard length on shorter guys and will remove the need for expensive tie shortening and tailoring.

Hopefully this was helpful if you find that you have trouble with your tie length if you are shorter or taller than the average man and standard tie length. Don’t let this put you off, use some of these tips and rock a tie like the rest of them!

Plain Men’s Extra Long Tie is available at DQT: