Make a Fashion Statement with a DQT Wool Tie

When you think of ties, wool isn’t the most obvious material you’d associate with them, but in recent times, wool ties have been basking in the limelight.

As men look to widen the textures and styles in their wardrobes, wool is being favoured over more traditional fabrics, especially when it comes to tie choices.


JA Ottoman Wool Watermelon Red Regular Tie

Wool ties aren’t just gaining momentum for being worn at the office or on a night out, they’re starting to make an appearance at weddings, too.

It’s not difficult to see why wool ties are so appealing. As a natural material, wool looks super stylish as a tie, and adds texture to any suit or outfit. Wool ties, in particular, create a focus piece for a classic, tailored suit, so if you want to introduce colour or pattern to wedding attire, whether as a guest or the groom, you can do this to perfection with a wool tie. Made from quality materials, such as exquisite cashmere, a wool tie looks sophisticated and elegant, and makes for a timeless, classic addition to any wardrobe.

Wool ties are especially suitable for weddings in the cooler months of the year, as the wool

offers a comforting and warming effect, but that’s not to say they aren’t suited to any occasion, at any time of year. Being slightly water resistant, the wool tie can be easily wiped clean if you spill something onto it.


JA Ottoman Wool Watermelon Red Regular Tie in a Box

Available in a wide range of colours and styles, wool ties are also incredibly versatile, so if you want to create a formal or informal look for a wedding, your wool tie can achieve this. Knitted wool ties won’t drape, so offer great durability, and are especially great when paired with earthy or tweed colours for informal styling. Woven wool ties, on the other hand, boast a crisp and clean appeal that lends itself well to formal affairs, and will blend in beautifully with a classic wedding suit.

If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to your wedding attire, DQT offer an enviable selection of wool ties in various colours for you to choose from.

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