The DQT Ties that Bind!


Plain Black Skinny Tie by DQT

Back in 1975, Mr William Hirsch, then chairman of the Tie Manufacturers Association, said that no fashion writer should claim that the wearing of ties was dying out. To write such, in his opinion, was tantamount to “professional suicide”. On the contrary, it was his boast that the new ties, that year, “will be the smile in a man’s wardrobe.”

Forty years on, and the trend, going into 2016, is for thin rather than wide; discreet, as opposed to loud. A tie is, above all, an essential accessory and not a statement. Designer Scott Sternberg says: “A skinnier tie just feels of-the-moment right now. It’s not too mainstream and not too traditional. And there’s less material, so there’s less potential for a color or pattern to feel garish or offensive… Right now, that’s the mark of an individual.” However, the scale of your tie should match the rest of your outfit: so skinny ties go with slim-cut suits with narrower lapels and shirts with slimmer collars.

Oscar Wilde – no sartorial slouch himself – noted that “a well-tied tie is the first serious step in life.”

Although the tide of fashion ebbs and flows, a gentleman is still considered undressed if his neck is naked. Wearing a tie allows you to have the confidence to go wherever you like. A tie pulls together the disparate elements of your attire, either through a touch of texture or a splash of complementary colour.

A gentleman in 2016 should have a range of five different ties:

1) Wool: knitted ties are back!
2) Black: the formal-wear staple with a white shirt and even a leather or denim jacket, is so versatile
3) Polka dot is good but why not try the smarter and more subtle pin dot, too?
4) Paisley ties are excellent for style-with-a-smile
5) The “Repp” tie: the combination of stripes and colours that never fails.

For men, your tie is one of the first things that people will look at, so select accordingly. DQT have nearly 400 fantastic ties to choose from, whether plain, striped, floral, paisley or swirl; in silk or knitted, pure wool.

Check out are huge collection of ties here:

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Why the DQT knitted tie is a win-win choice for the office Christmas party?


Plain Emerald Green Knitted Tie by DQT

Knitted ties are making a comeback. Suitable for dressing up or down, the old faithful gives any outfit that quirky-casual feel.

The perfect finishing touch for any casual or formal event, the knitted tie has been sported by a number of British celebs lately, including the likes of David Beckham, Benedict Cumberbatch and even Hugh Grant, along with those across the pond including Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper (to name but a few).

So it seems 2015 has seen the return of the knitted tie and it has been hailed as an ideal way to add a bit of flare to an everyday workwear-look both for the spring/summer and autumn/winter wardrobe. With the office party often a fashion minefield and with the boundaries of ‘black tie’ becoming more and more lenient, the festive season is a great time to dig out the old knitted tie or invest in a new one to make a festive-season statement.

Here are our top DQT tips for scrubbing-up with a knitted tie this Christmas.


Striped Navy Blue and Green Knitted Tie by DQT

1. Go with stripes

Go bold with one of our striped ties this season. Our favourite in the DQT range is our men’s knitted navy and green striped tie, perfect for teaming with a white shirt, jeans and a pair of suede brogues for a casual look that’s bound to turn heads.

2. Block party

Choose a block coloured knit with a coloured shirt for a quirky-but-classic look. Our men’s knitted burgundy tie looks great with a baby blue shirt, or choose a blue and white checked shirt for a more casual look.

3. The classic black tie

If you’re adopting a slightly smarter look, the knitted black tie is a great investment piece. It’s so versatile and can be worn casual, dressed-up with one of this season’s woollen blazers or used to create that classic black-tie look with a bit of a twist.

Or, if you’re not sure the knitted tie is for you but you’re keen to make a statement this Christmas, why not check out our selection of paisley ties and polka dot ties for a colourful alternative?

View our newest and widest collection of knitted ties for Christmas:

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It’s a Nice Day for a White Wedding by DQT!

It’s the time of year for roaring fires, festive sparkle and, according to Shakin’ Stevens, “the season of love and understanding”, so what better time to have a wedding than in the winter?

Having a winter wedding means you’ll be avoiding the busy summer months. This means that venues will be cheaper as it’s an off peak time, suppliers and caterers will be less busy and more interested in spending time negotiating and getting to know you, and with people less likely to be on that beach holiday, you’ll get positive replies to all your invitations.


Passion Black and Purple Men’s Tie by DQT

If a wintery, white wedding, complete with snowfall, is what you’re envisaging, your wedding colours and themes will benefit from the shimmering, snowflake-filled backdrop which Mother Nature might provide. There are many great ways to deal with the cold weather, too. Your bridesmaids could have pashminas, which are available in a number of colours, and co-ordinating tea lights or fairy lights could light up the venue.

But what about the guys? There’s a groom, ushers, father of the bride, and any page boys or groomsmen you’ve included. There’s no reason to leave them out of your colour scheme when there are so many possibilities for linking their outfits to the day’s theme. The oft-overlooked wedding tie has so much potential to offer your scheme, and there’s no reason to stick to the traditional shape or style. Men’s wedding ties from DQT are available in four different sizes, from skinny to wide, extra long to standard length. With 13 different colours to choose from, there’s bound to be one which will match your plan.

How about a pattern? A plain tie is still smart, and the ever popular Paisley print still features highly in the wedding tie request list. Have you considered wedding ties in a floral, check or swirl pattern? That would definitely qualify as something new!

Your winter wedding will definitely stand out in people’s memories, and whatever help you need with wedding ties in the UK, DQT will have the solution which is as perfect as your big, wintery day.

View our Wedding Ties Collection here:

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Capture the Magic of a Winter Wedding by DQT


Plain Black Men’s Bow Tie by DQT

A summer wedding might be preferred by many, but a winter wedding inspires a magical charm that no other season can possibly capture. Snow white settings, cosy log fires and atmospheric candles create a romantic and warming vibe, whilst the colours of this season also mean you can dress in richer tones and textures.

For a magical winter wedding in December, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding ties and wedding waistcoats from DQT. Just about any colour of tie will blend in harmoniously with this season, but favourite choices include gold, red, burgundy and orange. Classic colours such as white, ivory and black will also do justice to a winter wedding, and are popular options for formal styles of wedding attire.

As well as considering the colour of your wedding tie, think about texture, patterns and style for a winter wedding. Floral, paisley or swirl patterns give character and style to a tie, and are particularly well suited to winter weddings, where they will blend in with seasonal trends and create a focal point of any wedding attire. For something a little different that also gives a nod to the winter season, a wedding tie with a tartan pattern brings rich and earthy tones to your styling. During this colder time of year, think about materials, too. You can make use of thicker, warmer fabrics for a winter wedding, so if you don’t want to stick to cotton or silk, be bold and opt for a knitted tie.

Waistcoats are the perfect choice for a wedding at any time of year, but will certainly look the part at a December ceremony. Choose warm, rich colours that reflect the trends of the season, with emphasis on tones such as gold, deep red, emerald green, black, ivory and silver. If you are unsure about selecting a vibrant colour, stick to classic tones but add character by choosing a men’s wedding waistcoat with a distinctive pattern. Whether you choose diamond, floral, swirl or paisley, a patterned waistcoat from DQT can boost the style appeal of your winter wedding outfit.

Check out our wedding ties collection here:

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Stylish stripes – the DQT guide to choosing a tie


Striped Purple and White Skinny Tie by DQT

The striped tie – a staple of any man’s wardrobe, and a great way to add a dash of colour to an outfit.

The first recorded use of a striped tie was when the rowers of Exeter College, Oxford, took the trim from their boaters and tied it around their necks as a way to identify themselves with their school.

Nowadays it’s one of the most popular choices for interviews, meetings and even the good old daily grind. There are so many variations, too – thick stripes, thin stripes, two colours or more. No wonder the striped tie remains a firm favourite!

As with any piece of patterned clothing, it’s important to take care when matching your striped tie with the rest of your outfit. You want to come across as smooth and debonair, not the guy who’s remembered for a distracting clash of styles and colours.

So, how do you pick the perfect combination?

You’ll generally decide on your shirt first, so your choice of tie will depend on that. When it comes to colour, if your shirt is plain and in a neutral shade such as black, white or grey, it’s a simple task – you’ve pretty much got free rein when it comes to colour and pattern.

But what if your shirt is a pale blue or nutmeg brown, or has its own pattern? In these cases, choose a tie that matches the dominant colour of your shirt in some way – perhaps one that has thin stripes in a similar colour on a contrasting main shade. This will ensure you look co-ordinated while still boosting your overall appearance with a bright splash of colour.

Two patterns of the same size look too busy and grate on the eye, so it’s important to make sure there is a clear difference here. If your shirt has a small pattern, choose a tie with chunkier, broader stripes – and vice versa. If you follow this simple rule, you’ll be amazed at the range of eye-catching but elegant combinations you can wear.

Everyone deserves clothes that catch the eye, so go ahead – ring the changes with a range of differently-striped ties and turn heads for all the right reasons!

You can see DQT’s range of striped ties here

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Perfect DQT Paisley is putting the groom centre stage

Wedding style used to be the preserve of the bride, with the groom’s outfit being something of an afterthought. Grooms and their attendants too often looked predictable but things have certainly changed. Grooms are now putting themselves centre stage with winning ensembles to grace the big day.

Today’s grooms are increasingly searching for the sophisticated and contemporary looks that will distinguish their weddings. Rather than merely complementing the bridal wear, the men are choosing striking looks of their own. They are using colour, texture, fine fabrics and exceptional cuts to take wedding attire to the next level. One way to do that is to feature a chic paisley tie from DQT.

Timeless yet current


Paisley Gold Men’s Tie by DQT

Paisley is in so many ways the perfect choice for a wedding. The pattern has its roots in ancient Persia and was popularised in Europe via imported cashmere scarves. Thus paisley can be a nod to the past if a traditional look is the order of the day. With its connection to the Scottish town after which it is named, paisley could also be an inspirational alternative to tartan for a Scottish wedding. However, paisley is undoubtedly incredibly current having made a triumphant return to the designer catwalks in recent years. DQT’s paisley ties are an elegant take on the timeless design that would complement any wedding outfit. With a fabulous range of colours to choose from, it is easy to find the right tie to suit a wedding’s theme. Both the regular paisley ties and the skinny paisley ties can be teamed up with DQT’s stylish paisley handkerchiefs and cufflinks to complete the look. A look that is guaranteed to please both bride and groom.

Stylish investment

Weddings are costly occasions, so it is unfortunate that the special outfits and accessories chosen for the big day are rarely worn again. Paisley ties present the perfect solution as there is no need for these eminently chic and stylish pieces to languish at the back of the wardrobe. Paisley is a versatile choice and is ideal for any formal occasion, the office or a night out. It represents an excellent investment in a stylish look for the wedding and beyond.

Check out our Paisley Collection here:

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To Tie or Not to Tie: DQT Wedding Tie Decisions

Been invited to a wedding? Check.
Or it’s actually your wedding? Check.
You’re part of the bridal party? Check.

If you’re any of the above, which I’m sure you will be, or will have been at some point in your life you need to read this to gain some important knowledge about the world of wedding ties. Now, there are plenty of options but it’s very easy to get this look wrong and end up looking like you did at the prom, circa 1990 or something.

The most common problems men encounter whilst dressing for events are all to do with accessories. Finding a suit that fits and is well cut can be tricky but is always do-able in the end, accessories, on the other hand, can become a minefield of choice and decisions. I will always remember an uncle of mine at family parties used to wear brightly coloured braces and matching waistcoats. Now, that was amazing then, but it’s no longer 1997 and you don’t want to be the bloke remembered for his awful waistcoat! So listen up for a few quick tips on what to wear surrounding the all-important tie.


Plain Men’s Black Tie by DQT

Black tie is one of the only dress codes that are pretty self-explanatory to men. There’s no ‘smart-casual’ mystery about it. It’s black and it’s a tie, preferably of the bow variety. One of the deadly sins of black tie, which is sometimes overlooked, is the fact that the waist should be covered, either by a waistcoat or a cummerbund so that there is no white billowy shirt around the waist to draw the eye away from a clean silhouette.  As well as looking über dapper, this lengthens the legs and improves your figure.

So, if you’re attending a black tie wedding, grab your ‘crumb-catcher’, better known to the fashion industry as the cummerbund and pair it with matching bow tie. You wouldn’t catch Daniel Craig in a cummerbund with a normal tie would you? So if the cummerbund is coming out, it’s a bow tie to go with it. As far as colours, go classic in black or navy, it’s a failsafe and is designed to create a contrast with the crisp whiteness of your shirt, hence the dark colours. As far as the actual bow tie goes; it shouldn’t really be worn alone; it’s too small to just hang about at the top of a shirt on its own. It gets lonely and needs a V-neck sweater, if worn in a casual setting, a waistcoat or a cummerbund for company at a more formal event.

As far as cravats go, we’re entering a whole new wedding tie territory here. Cravats invite a waistcoat to be worn with it, ideally. If it’s a summer wedding and you’re worried about over-heating you can remove your jacket after the ceremony but a cravat must be worn with a waistcoat otherwise, like a bow tie it’ll look lost without one.

So, those are the golden rules of wedding ties and accessories that go with them. Now you know, there’s no excuse to go wearing a cravat on its own or a skinny tie with a cummerbund is there?

Wedding Ties are available at DQT:

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What To Wear for Your Engagement Shoot by DQT

An engagement photo shoot might not be top of your list as a bloke, but guaranteed your bride to be will possibly be quite keen on the idea. Engagement shoots are a really nice way of announcing your big news, you can email the photographs, print them off and frame them and even set them as your social media profile pictures to let all your friends and followers know your exciting news! You can either use the shoot to announce your wedding date in replacement of ‘Save the Date’ cards or to actually announce that you proposed!


Plain Black Men’s Wedding Tie by DQT

So, she’s suggested this photo shoot and you’re not sure what to expect, let alone what you’re expected to wear? This all depends on the theme, if you have one and the seriousness (or not so!) of your shoot.

The Fun Photo shoot

If it’s going to involve balloons, costumes, bouncy castles, a food fight, the list goes on, anything that wouldn’t be out of place at a kid’s party then it’s definitely not the place for a tuxedo! For this type of fun photo shoot, leave the ties at home, get some jeans on and have fun. Head to your nearest park, grab some balloons and a mate who’s handy with a camera and have a laugh. This is where you could save money by getting a friend to take the photos for you and you might just need a few Photoshop skills to touch them up.

The In-Between (The Funmal?!)

For the level in between fun and formal and if you feel like going for a smart-casual look and you’re not actually going to get messy then try a skinny tie with a waistcoat and jeans. You could even try a handkerchief and tie set with the same jeans combination but with a blazer on top.

The Formal

For the formal photo shoot, you might be wearing a three-piece suit, a tuxedo or just a great fitting slim cut suit with a bow tie. The formal photo shoot will probably take place at somewhere grand, pretty and picturesque! This is definitely the shoot where you need to hire a professional photographer; cheeky snaps with a disposable camera won’t cut it here.

Whatever you choose, formal, fun or even funmal, make sure that you head over to for all your engagement, wedding and honeymoon neckwear.

Check out the DQT’s Wedding Ties Collection:

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Common Mistakes Men When Getting A Wedding Suits by DQT

During a wedding the brides always get the attention due to her long and beautiful gown. Aside from this, the guests are also fascinated by her amazing makeup, hair style, and array of accessories she is wearing, leaving the men out of the spotlight. However men should be aware that the glorious event for the “About to be couple”, and not only the lady alone.


Plain Black Men’s Tie by DQT

That is why it’s important for men to get the suit and tie that goes with the suit and not forgotten to put on their favorite perfume for this unforgettable event of theirs.

But it’s sad to say that getting men’s suit and wedding tie can be difficult due to certain issues that could cloud their decision. To help men getting to right suit and tie below are some of the common mistakes which can be avoided.

Renting or Buying

When it comes to having a wedding suit there are options to choose from either to rent one or buy one. Presently, the most common option is renting a suit due to the price. But one will need to consider other options which might be some setbacks, you might not find the one that fits your style, can’t see the one that you really want and these will affects your look. While buying a wedding suit can be costly. But having a suit gives you more leverage in the sense that you will get exactly what you want.

Buying the wrong size

Some oftentimes men like to wear loose cloths but in the case of wedding suit, it’s different. That why it’s important that you get the right size that fit you so that you look attractive on your weeding day.

Shopping for the wrong color combination

When it comes to wedding suits there are lot of color to choose from, which can be difficult to pick the right suit color. Before deciding on which suit to choose you need to first envision the color combination of your suit, tie, shirt and shoe will matches each other.

Paying too much attention to accessories

It’s ideally great to complement your wedding dress with accessories like the pocket squares, ties and cuffs. Paying to much attention on the accessories can make you lose focus thereby affecting your overall lookout. It’s ideally to select simple accessories that go with your suit and tie.

From these short points, you can see that having an unforgettable moment on your wedding day can be fun and not complicated as many have preach about it. The most important thing is to focus more on the things that matter most like having th right color combination, wedding tie that goes with your suit and shoe, your best perfume, you will be amazed how you will look like on your wedding day.

View DQT’s Collection of Wedding Ties here:

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Outright DQT Clip On Ties

A powerful dress shirt and tie combo can give you the high ground in various social circumstances. Going to a professional or eating with a customer? Wearing formal or semi-formal clothing that fits your style depicts a vital bit of your identity with a negligible measure of exertion.

The clip on tie is a necktie or four close by tie which is for all time tied, with a dimple just underneath the bunch, and which is settled to the front of the shirt neckline by any of different sorts of clasps, most usually a metal clasp. Then again, particularly on account of ties, the tie may have a band around the neck secured with a snare and eye.

In any case, any incredible tie needs a just as remarkable dress shirt to supplement it. Much like clip on ties, your shirt decision can possibly influence your day by day associations. You can prepare strong shading that is effortlessly coordinated or stay easygoing yet in vogue in a tartan or stripe design. You know you’re going to look great, yet you must be agreeable as well.

Clip on ties for men can make the morning procedure go all the more easily, particularly on the off chance that you haven’t had a great deal of work on tying ties. Clip on ties are an extraordinary different option for conventional bow ties in light of the fact that they generally guarantee that you have an impeccably tied bunch when you go out for the day.

Expansion to being jazzy and simple to connect, cut on ties additionally offer security. Clip on ties are a flat out must for those working in law authorization and security, and also any occupation where you’ll be working with or around overwhelming apparatus. Dissimilar to conventional ties that circle your necks, a clip on attach essentially clips to the front of your shirt and isolates effectively. You get the expert appearance of a tie without tightening.


DQT Coral Men’s Clip on Tie

The accompanying are a few reasons that this style of tie may be utilized:

Firmly tied standard ties may be a wellspring of disturbance and inconvenience.

  •  Tightly tied neckties may be a source of irritation and discomfort.
  • Some people either do not know how to Knox a tie or do not feel comfortable tying and some with disabilities may not be able to.
  • Police officers and security guards often wear clip on tie as a precaution against being strangled by a pulled necktie.
  • Some schools require clip on ties as part of their uniform instead of regular ties as this keeps students from loosening them.
  • A clip on tie can be put on more easily than a conventional necktie.

Visit us for your selection of clip on ties to locate an ideal choice for you and your needs. Click Here:

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