Tie the Knot with a Classic DQT Cravat


Plain Silver Men’s Scrunchie Cravat by DQT

From a bow tie to a Windsor knot there are plenty of ways to wear your necktie, but men’s cravats top the style charts – and this timeless classic is the perfect thing to wear on your big day. The cravat dates back to Croatia in the 1600s and was imported by King Charles II himself, so you’re in regal company if you choose to finish off your outfit with a cravat.

Although they’re a popular option to wear at a wedding, you could also consider tying one on for other occasions. Outclass the rest at your prom or ball, where a stylish cravat will make you look effortlessly sharp.

If you fear that nerves might make tying a tie tricky on your wedding day, or your best man is too clumsy to be trusted, why not invest in a pre-tied cravat? You can rest safe in the knowledge that your tie will look great all day, and no one need ever know!

Does your wedding has a theme or colour scheme? Then make sure your cravat matches it and earn brownie points from your bride. Whether you go for vibrant green or classic champagne satin, you can be sure you’ll look like a class act. Why not go for a patterned cravat and ensure your look is just as fresh as the bride’s?

Of course, your necktie isn’t all it takes to cut a dashing figure on your wedding day; make sure you’re looking as dapper as possible with the best quality accessories. Coordinate your groomsmen’s cuff-links, cummerbunds and pocket squares with your cravat and finish off your outfit with a top hat to ensure you’re looking every inch the English gentleman.

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