Five Top Tips for Wearing DQT’s Paisley Ties


Paisley Purple Men’s Tie by DQT

That curly teardrop; it’s one iconic design that never goes out of style, and it’s been around a while, having arrived in Europe in the 1600s. Paisley probably originated in ancient Persia, now Iran. It first came to the UK town of (you’ve guessed it) Paisley, Scotland, where it was initially used on wool shawls.

Next, it started being used on bandanas. In the 1960s, it was adopted by the hippy movement, who enjoyed the link with the East, a connection which has since been shed.

Many older brands, particularly, look on paisley as a menswear cornerstone. Here are some tips if you’re wearing a paisley item, such as a paisley tie or shirt:

1. For a bolder look, go for paisley patterns with fewer colours, thin lines and plenty of white space.

2. Paisley ties are ideal if you love the design but are not keen on committing to the full monty of printed shirts or trousers. In a way, you can look on a paisley tie as a way of dipping your toe in the water of the pattern and design – while still be able to remain firmly within your comfort zone.

3. For something even more subtle, go for a paisley pocket square; these are perfect if you’re a cautious dresser.

4. Keep your look tonal by choosing one colour and building on it. Indeed, if you look at some of the high end menswear designers, these tend to be variations on a theme of a single rich shade. So, for example, combine a grey suit with a grey and white paisley tie which will blend in seamlessly.

5. Depending on the event, you may want to look for more muted colours, rather than a mass of swirling shades which can look overwhelming.

Follow these tips and wow in paisley, whatever the occasion – remember, it’s the design that never goes out of fashion.

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